Training Sampler

May 16th 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Pawprints training academy offers a variety of skills and courses during the year our Training Sampler showcases some of our popular class selections. Here are some of the courses our sampler includes:

Intermediate Obedience - utilizes basic obedience skills to create routines for your dog to follow in both on and off leash scenarios. These skills enhance your relationship with your dog while making easier for both dogs and humans to coexist.

Agility – introduces participants to the sport of agility, learn how to direct your dog through obstacles for fun or competition. Both dogs and owners enjoy the challenge of running an agility course.

Fun and Games – adds a new level of enjoyment to training by playing games with your dog. The competitions are built around the obedience skills you have already established with your pet. The fun happens when you attempt to have your dog perform these skills against other owners.

Nose work – your dog has an innate ability to identify scents, we teach you the techniques to put this skill on command. Your dog will learn how to search for particular items, even your car keys, by using their nose.

Duration: 1 week Cost: $25

Prerequisite: Basic Obedience